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Presidio Slow Food Lesachtaler Brot

Lesachtal bread

Cereal grains have been grown in the Lesachtal, a valley in the southern Austrian region of Carinthia, for over 4,000 years. Ancient varieties of rye and wheat have developed in a landscape characterized by historic water mills, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and renovated as of 2010.

Production area

Lesachtal (Lesach Valley), between Gentschach and Kartitscher Sattel, Carinthia region

Grain Producers

Hans Unterguggenberger (rye, wheat, spelt)

Mario Lugger (wheat)

Johann Lugger (rye, wheat)

Josef Stabentheiner (rye, wheat)

Andrea Unterguggenberger (rye, wheat)

Bread bakers

"Jakoberhof", Sieglinde Ortner, Tscheltsch 2, 9653 Liesing

"Untermoserhof", Katharina Unterluggauer, Klebas 5, 9653 Liesing

"Peintnerhof", Andrea Unterguggenberger, Niedergail 3, 9653 Liesing/Lesachtal

"Leachnerhof", Theresia Lugger, Moos 43, 9655 Maria Luggau, Lesachtal

"Jöhrerhof", Andrea Unterguggenberger, Tscheltsch 4, 9653 Liesing/Lesachtal

"Hausimarhof", Maria Lexer, Strajach 11, 9651 St. Jakob/Lesachtal

Volksmusikakademie, Liesing 15, 9653 Liesing/Lesachtal


Presidium producers’ coordinator Lesachtaler Brot (Lesachtal bread)

Hans Unterguggenberger

Tscheltsch 4, 9653  Liesing/Lesachtal

Telefon: +43 680 2323 867

email: jöhrerhof@gmx.at